Contact Info

To contact CHA staff directly, dial our office number at 770.834.2046 and enter the extension below.
Ext. 101 Katie Collins, Accounts Payable
Ext. 102 Erin Langley, Voucher Programs Manager
Ext. 103 Elvis Tomlinson, HCV Coordinator
Ext. 104 Rose Simpson, Special Purpose Coordinator
Ext. 105 Kayla Marino, HCV FSS Coordinator
Ext. 106 Sierra Martin, HCV Coordinator
Ext. 108 India Dunson, Tenant Selector
Ext. 109 Brittany Locke, PBV FSS Coordinator
Ext. 111 Charles Griffin, Executive Director
Ext. 112 Tiffany Bearden, Property Manager

For all questions or concerns, please use the contact form below.

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