The Income-Based Housing Program provides decent, safe and sanitary housing for low income families. All unit rental amounts are based on 30% of the family’s gross annual income. The Housing Authority of the City of Carrollton has a total of five housing communities located within the city. They are the Griffin Homes, Ingram Homes, Thomas Homes, Elder Circle and Alabama Circle developments. Two of the developments are designated for Elderly and Disabled families only and three are multi-family sites. Please read below on how to apply for the Income-Based Housing Program.


The Housing Authority of the City of Carrollton (CHA) meets the needs of individuals and families searching for affordable rental options. However, it is important to note that we are unable to provide emergency housing assistance. Once an applicant family has applied for the Income-Based Housing Program and is determined eligible, they will be placed on the waiting list for a housing unit.


There are a few steps to help us serve you to determine if you qualify for an apartment. Please review the following criteria to see if you are eligible:
  • Be a family as defined in the CHA’s Administrative Plan or as superseded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations.
  • Meet the HUD requirements for citizenship and immigration status. Housing assistance is available only to individuals who are U.S. citizens, nationals, or noncitizens that have eligible immigrations status. At least one family member must be a citizen, national, or noncitizen with eligible immigration status in order for the family to qualify for any level of assistance.
  • Have an annual income at the time of admission that is not more than the income limits established by HUD (see chart).
  • Meet HUD’s and the CHA’s standards for tenant selection criteria which include, but are not limited to, credit report, criminal background, and past rental history.
  • Have no outstanding debt with another housing authority or other subsidized housing program.
Family Size Your total family income must be less than …
1 $27,900
2 $31,900
3 $35,900
4 $39,850
5 $43,050
6 $46,250
7 $49,450
8 $52,650
Family Size Your total family
income must be
less than …
1 $27,900
2 $31,900
3 $35,900
4 $39,850
5 $43,050
6 $46,250
7 $49,450
8 $52,650


Federal requirements prohibit Housing Authorities from providing assistance to the following individuals:
  • Persons who are subject to a lifetime registration requirement under a State sex offender registration program.
  • Persons who are convicted for drug-related criminal activity for manufacture or production of methamphetamine on the premises of federally assisted housing.

We accept applications for housing year round; however, we do have a waiting list. The non-site specific waiting list is organized by bedroom size. Our waiting list will only be closed in accordance with CHA policies and procedures, which allow for public notification.

IBH Waiting List is Currently: Closed

Useful Downloads:
IBH Pre-Application
Solicitud Preliminar en Español
Next Steps
Próximos pasos

*** Please be advised that the CHA reserves the right to close the waiting list at any time. ***


If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may obtain a preliminary application the following ways:

Before completing your pre-application, please read over it carefully

  • Pay close attention to all of the information and complete the application thoroughly.
  • Be sure to report all preferences correctly. If your preferences are not reported correctly at the time of pre-application, it can delay processing your application.
  • Answer all questions truthfully and to the best of your knowledge.
  • Sign and date your application


Before submitting the pre-application, please review it carefully. Make sure you have done the following:

  • Checked all necessary boxes accurately;
  • Filled in all blanks and answered all questions correctly;
  • Checked all preferences that apply to you; and,
  • Signed and dated the form and that your signature is legible.

Once completed and signed, your pre-application may be returned to the CHA by hand-delivery only at the address listed below:

Housing Authority of the City of Carrollton
1 Roop Street
Carrollton, Georgia 30117

All pre-applications are date and time stamped when they are received in the office. Please note: Pre-applications that are illegible, unsigned, and/or incomplete will not be accepted. They will be returned to applicant for completion and resubmission.


After submitting the pre-application, applicant families will be placed on the pending waiting list based on preferences claimed and certified to by the head of household, and the date and time the completed pre-application is received by the CHA. To check your placement on the waiting list, applicants may call 770-834-2046 ext. 108 to speak with the Income-Based Housing Tenant Selector. An applicant’s position on the waiting list may change due to preferences claimed by others submitting pre-applications.

After submitting the pre-application, it is extremely important for you to notify the CHA about any changes in your address, telephone number, preference status, family composition, and/or income. This must be done in writing and signed by the head of household. Changes may be submitted to the Income-Based Housing Tenant Selector in person, via mail, email, or fax.


When a family is selected from the pending waiting list, the CHA will notify the family by mail of their scheduled eligibility screening. The notice will inform the family about the date and time of the scheduled appointment; who is required to attend; and required documents that must be brought to the appointment.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS **All documents must be originals**

  1. Proof of Preference Eligibility
    Applicants must bring proof of their preference eligibility. If an applicant fails to provide documentation of their eligibility for all preferences they claim and/or if it is determined that the applicant is not eligible for the preference(s) claimed, the interview will be cancelled and the applicant will be placed back on the pending waiting list based actual preferences.
  2. Picture IDs for all adult family members;
  3. Original birth certificates for all family members;
  4. Original Social Security cards for all family members;
  5. Income verification for all sources of income the family receives. Examples of income verification include the following:
    • Wages – most recent pay stubs for the past 30 days.
    • Social Security Benefits – printout from Social Security office that is current within the past 60 days.
    • Veteran’s benefits – printout of benefits from VA office that is current within the last 60 days.
    • TANF benefits – printout from Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) that is current within the last 60 days.
    • Child Support –court ordered paperwork and/or payment history from Child Support Enforcement/Recovery that is current within the last 60 days.
    • Alimony/Palimony – bring letter from provider with name and signature and 3 month payment history
    • Self-Employment Income- provide prior year tax return(s), itemized expense report(s), last 3 months bank statements, business license, and/or any other verification.
    • Other: Any and all other sources of income for the head of household or any family member must also be reported. This includes weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly contributions made by an outside person or organization.
  6. Information regarding marital status such as a marriage license, divorce, or separation papers.
  7. Childcare expenses
  8. For elderly/disabled households only, bring information about out-of-pocket medical expenses paid by you.
  • Pay your rent on time. Rent is due on the first of every month.

  • Report any maintenance problems immediately. If a problem occurs during regular business hours, call 770-834-2046 ext. 300. If the problem occurs after hours and is an emergency, call 770-830-2718 and leave your name, address and description of the problem.

  • Do not disturb your neighbors.

  • Do not participate in illegal or criminal activity.

  • Keep your home in decent, safe and sanitary condition.

  • No pets are allowed, unless approved under the CHA Pet Policy and a non-refundable pet deposit is made with management.

  • Report, in writing, any changes in family composition and income in a timely manner.

***All of the above information must be brought to your eligibility screening appointment; otherwise, your application cannot be processed. ***

Once the CHA has verified all information provided by the applicant family, a determination will be made about eligibility for the Income-Based Housing Program.


Once the application, credit report, criminal background check and landlord reference have been reviewed and verified, an eligibility determination will be made. Applicant families will be notified in writing via U.S. Postal Service mail regarding this determination. It is imperative that applicants maintain current mailing addresses and telephone numbers with our agency.

All applicants are required to update any changes in income, contact information, and/or familial status, etc. as soon as they occur. Applicants are also obligated to contact the CHA every 60 days to confirm their interest/need of remaining on the Income-Based Housing waiting list.


Once you are determined eligible, you will receive a letter. When your name is next on the waiting list, you will be offered up to three units to view and choose from. Once you decide on your unit, you will complete the paper process of moving into the unit and receive keys. A Security Deposit of $150.00 is required.


Every unit is inspected annually and preventive maintenance is also conducted. All units are furnished with a stove and refrigerator. Some units are equipped with washing machine connections. Lawn maintenance is done regularly during the spring, summer and fall months. The utilities provided in the rental agreement are water, sewer, and garbage. Tenants are responsible for gas and electricity.