Work Order Submission

The purpose of the Maintenance Department is to provide maintenance of all properties belonging to the Carrollton Housing Authority.  It is the intention of the Authority to abide by all applicable laws and regulations that govern the health and well being of the residents, employees, visitors and property.  Maintenance is to be performed when residents, employees and other officials generate the need or on a preventive basis.  An inspection of all units is conducted annually.
The objective of the Maintenance Department is to control the work accomplished through planned maintenance and to satisfy the residents with a well maintained development also to improve landlord/resident relations.

To submit a work order, please use the contact form below.

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For maintenance during regular operating hours, fill out the form or please call 770-834-2046. If an emergency occurs during hours the office is not open, please call (770) 830-2718. This is a toll free telephone number and is for emergencies only(see list below). Please be sure to include your name, street address and apartment number. Please give a complete and accurate description of the problem.
The following is a list of approved on call emergencies.
  • Any gas smell

  • Any electrical issues

  • Any smoke alarm issues

  • Uncontrollable water flooding apartment

  • Roof Leaking. *Maintenance is required to respond to emergency for location of leak. Repairs will be made at the earliest possible time with regards to safety.

  • Security issues: broken windows, inoperable locks, etc

  • Light bulb out for elderly and handicap only, necessity only

  • No A/C for elderly and handicap only, only for extreme heat

  • Only commode in apartment not working

  • Refrigerator not working

Not having hot water is not an emergency, only an inconvenience. Hot water heaters will be checked at earliest convenience during normal business hours.
If utilities were disconnected, and then re-connected without alerting maintenance, there will be a charge to the tenant if maintenance has to re-light appliances on the weekend or after hours.
If you have any of these emergencies, please call the main office during business hours or, if after normal office hours, the emergency line at (770) 830-2718.